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Buffalo Cupping Services

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Cupping is a technique that originated in China around 2,000 years ago. It involves creating a vacuum suction in specialized cups that are placed in specific areas of your body that are receptive to acupressure, like the back, neck, and chest. This vacuum effect draws your skin upwards towards the cups and allows fresh blood and nutrients to flow into the area with ease. The improved circulation may help with injured areas, aches and pains, and a variety of other conditions where blood flow is stagnant.

Our Buffalo Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, PLLC physical therapists are specially trained in this type of treatment. Make your healthcare a top priority and call to learn if this treatment is right for you!

Patient Reviews

Improving Quality of Life Since 2003
  • “This is a great practice with great staff I would highly recommend Buffalo chiropractic acupuncture, thanks to Dr Timothy lukasik great care I am having great results with my injuries”

    - Vaughn G.
  • “Truly impressed with this office and treatment. I had been suffering from low back pain for around 9 months, I spent loads of money and time going to PT with little relief. After one visit to this office, my back pain was almost entirely gone after several”

    - Ian L.
  • “Dr Lyanne did an amazing job. My pain is significantly decreased. Very professional! Would recommend”

    - Mitchelle K.

Why Choose Us?

  • The BC + PT Team Has Over 86 Years of Combined Experience
  • BC + PT Provides Convenience as a Multi-Locational Practice
  • Need a Change? No Problem. We Offer Seamless Transitions In-between Each Office
  • BC + PT is One of the Few Buffalo Practices That Offers CRMA Services for Trauma
  • You’ll See the Same Doctor Each Visit for a More Personalized Experience
  • BC + PT Has A Diverse Staff With Bilingual & Female Doctors

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