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Percussive Massage in Buffalo

What is Percussive Massage therapy?

Percussive massage therapy is the application of a massage gun to applicable areas. Using a percussive massage machine, physical therapists apply rapid repetitive pressure on specific points of the body. Percussive massage is able to work deeper into the muscle than vibration therapy. There has even been research published by the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research that has found percussive therapy to be as effective as massage therapy in preventing onset muscle soreness. It's a treatment that has been utilized by athletes both professional and recreational alike, and when in the hands of a professional such as the doctors here at BC + PT can be beneficial to patients who have pain in their soft tissue.

Benefits of Percussive Massage

Percussive massage is beneficial for many reasons. Here are a few:

  • Improved mobility

  • Reduced soreness after workouts

  • Decreased delayed onset muscle soreness

The physical therapists at BC + PT are all specially trained in utilizing this manual technique. They will gladly guide you through the process of a percussive massage and any other of the therapies they perform during your treatment process.

Patient Reviews

Improving Quality of Life Since 2003
  • “This is a great practice with great staff I would highly recommend Buffalo chiropractic acupuncture, thanks to Dr Timothy lukasik great care I am having great results with my injuries”

    - Vaughn G.
  • “Truly impressed with this office and treatment. I had been suffering from low back pain for around 9 months, I spent loads of money and time going to PT with little relief. After one visit to this office, my back pain was almost entirely gone after several”

    - Ian L.
  • “Dr Lyanne did an amazing job. My pain is significantly decreased. Very professional! Would recommend”

    - Mitchelle K.

Why Choose Us?

  • The BC + PT Team Has Over 86 Years of Combined Experience
  • BC + PT Provides Convenience as a Multi-Locational Practice
  • Need a Change? No Problem. We Offer Seamless Transitions In-between Each Office
  • BC + PT is One of the Few Buffalo Practices That Offers CRMA Services for Trauma
  • You’ll See the Same Doctor Each Visit for a More Personalized Experience
  • BC + PT Has A Diverse Staff With Bilingual & Female Doctors

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