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Pins and Needles? All about numbness in your hands and feet

If you’ve ever sat on your foot for too long or were laying on one arm in the same position, you know what the “pins and needles” sensation is. That feeling can be quite annoying and uncomfortable, but what you may not know is that that numbness or tingling feeling can be associated with other issues within your body, especially if it flares up without an obvious cause. Surprisingly, these symptoms can also be caused by your spine. If the spine is the source, then a BC + PT chiropractor may be able to help! 

What can cause numbness and tingling? 

There are a few different reasons that you could be feeling numb or tingling. Some reasons could be diabetes, migraines, strokes, seizures, multiple sclerosis, or carpal tunnel syndrome. However, if the numbness in your body’s extremities originated from issues in your spine, it is most likely from a pinched nerve. When the blood flow is restricted because of a pinched nerve, it may dull the sensation in arms, legs, fingers, and toes, causing an unnerving numbness or uncomfortable tingling feeling. Our nerves travel all along our bodies, from head to toes to fingertips and everything in between. All these nerves meet up in the spine, or central nervous system, so any issue in the spine could be the culprit for what you are feeling in your hands and feet. 

Numbness or tingling shouldn’t be ignored. A pinched nerve left untreated can lead to permanent nerve damage. By checking in with a chiropractor, they can help determine if it is a spinal issue and recommend a treatment plan for you. 

Chiropractic Care for Numbness and Tingling

One of the great things about chiropractic care is that chiropractors are known as “masters” of the spine and central nervous system thanks to their extensive education and doctorate-level degrees. When it comes to spine problems, they are highly trained and knowledgeable on what could be potentially causing you pain. 

Getting your spine realigned may alleviate nerve compression, which can be the root cause of your numbness. Chiropractors are also capable of a treatment called non-surgical spinal decompression, which is another method that can be used to reduce nerve pressure from an injured or damaged intervertebral disc, known as a disc herniation.  

Your BC + PT chiropractor will gently adjust the spine to reposition your vertebrae, which can  relieve pressure from a pinched nerve. Because of this, you should experience less pain, as well as a reduced sensation of the numbing and tingling symptoms.

Say goodbye to numbness and tingling

When something feels like it isn’t functioning correctly in your body, it is so important to seek medical attention and get the help you deserve. If you are living with weakness, tingling, or numbness in your hands or feet, make sure you set up your first appointment with us by filling out one of our forms, or giving us a call today! These symptoms can affect how you move, work, play, or sleep. BC + PT is here to help you on your wellness journey and improve your quality of life. Stop waiting and start healing today! 


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