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Experiencing Hip Pain? Exploring the Causes and Treatment Options

What Are the Causes of Hip Pain? Can a Chiropractor Help?

Hip pain is a common complaint of many of our patients- but where does it stem from? For starters, did you know that the adult human body has 206 bones? Knowing that fact, how many joints do you think the body has? If you guessed 360, you would be right! Of course, all of your joints are important, and today we are focusing on one joint in particular - The Hip Joint!

The hip joint is where your thigh bone, also known as your femur, meets your pelvis. The hip joint is known as a “ball and socket” joint; The ball is the femoral head, and the socket itself is the part of the pelvis known as the acetabulum. You use your hip joint constantly to move, maintain your balance, and support your weight.

Hip Pain 101: Common Causes

Hip pain can come from a variety of different things. Some examples are core muscle injuries, sports injuries, arthritis, car accidents, or work injuries. Hip pain can come on from moving your body in many different ways. Fractures in the hip of course can be severe and cause sudden pain. Athletes such as ballerinas who use their hips and twist and turn them a lot can be prone to labral tears. The labrum is the ring of cartilage that surrounds the hip socket to make sure that the ball of the thigh bone stays in place. When injured it may cause pain that limits movement and creates a sensation of locking or clicking in the hip.

Bursitis is a condition that can affect any joint, but when in the hip, it can cause pain on the outside of your hips, thighs and buttocks. Bursitis is when there is inflammation in the fluid sacs that protect your tendons and muscles from rubbing against your bones. Bursitis is most common in people over the age of 60.

Another possible reason for hip pain is hip impingement. This is when the ball and socket of the two bones aren't fitting together properly. This can be from a bone deformity or even an extra bone in the hip. Hip impingement can cause friction and abnormal wear and tear on the joint, leading to future arthritis and potential need for a hip replacement.

Symptoms of Hip Pain

It's important to remember that the reasons listed above are only a few of many different options as to why you might be experiencing hip pain. We always recommend going to see a medical professional to receive a complete diagnosis.

Sometimes pain or discomfort in the hip is actually from something different, such as a hernia from the groin radiating pain to the hip. For some patients, depending on their condition, pain deteriorates with activity, particularly in arthritis patients. Besides the pain, you may experience decreased range of motion. Others might develop a limp when the condition persists.

Conservative Care for Hip Pain


We may be biased, but when it comes to natural and successful techniques to help with your hip pain, we can wholeheartedly recommend chiropractic and physical therapy! The BC + PT Chiropractors are masters of the skeletal system, and chiropractic treatment is an effective way to relieve your pain and enhance mobility.

Primarily, chiropractors focus on spinal manipulation. This is important because besides exerting pressure on the spinal cord, a misaligned spine strains the nerves that usually communicate with the other body parts. Such pain often affects the hips or causes imbalances in your muscle mobility and strength. Because of this, your other muscles and organs must compensate.

So, although your pain might be in your hips, the real issue might be in your back. Your chiropractor may restore motion to the spine through direct or indirect pressure. This treatment may enhance your range of motion, reduce your pain or even improve your gait.

Your chiropractor can focus on tapping into your body’s natural power to heal itself. But as the body ages, this ability to heal reduces. As such, you might need to apply a combination of therapies to treat the condition.

Physical Therapy (PT)

The BC + PT Physical Therapists are also readily available to help treat your issues, with a combination of their passive and active treatments. Like the spine, tight or weak muscles in other body areas can worsen your hip pain. PT focuses on supporting body muscles or strengthening any parts. It helps to relieve tension in overworked muscles and enables enhanced joint stability.

Hip pain can be a natural part of life- but you may not need to suffer any longer! BC + PT is lucky and proud to be able to offer both chiropractic and physical therapy at multiple locations throughout Buffalo, NY. This makes it easy to schedule all of your appointments with both types of providers at one convenient location! If you have been experiencing hip pain, it's time to give us a call or fill out one of our contact forms to start your healing process! Stop Waiting, and Start Healing!

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